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  Committees of the Convention: Chairs and Conveners

Every diocesan commission, committee, council, or board meeting (with only a few exceptions*) is open to any member of the Diocese of New Jersey. There is only one difference between a visitor at a committee meeting and a member: Visitors aren't allowed to participate in discussion, unless given permission or invited to do so by the committee.

Meeting dates and times You can find dates and times for meetings of committees on the diocesan calendar.

Additional information If the name of a committee, council, or board in the roster below is underlined or in color, click it to go to an additional page that gives further details about that committee. There will occasionally be minutes or summaries of meetings, but the practice isn't consistent across committees.

*The exceptions are the Commission on Ministry, Committee on the Priesthood, and Committee on the Diaconate (because they often deal with personal and private matters) and the Standing Committee (because it deals with confidential legal matters).

Chair or Convener
Email or phone
The Anglican Caucus The Rev. William J. Gerhart (732) 985-2023
Anti-Racism Commission The Rev.Canon Joan Fleming
The Rev. John Thompson-Quartey
Atlantic City Mission Board Mr. Harold Hill, Jr.
Audit Committee The Hon. Robert W. Scott
Balloting Committee The Rev. John W. Hain, Sr., Dcn.
Bishop's Advisory Commission on Liturgy The Rt. Rev. William Stokes, Chair
The Rev. Arthur Powell, Co-Chair

Bishop's Advisory Commission on Music The Rt. Rev. William Stokes, Chair
Mr Thomas Whittemore, Co-Chair
Board of Missions The Rev. Gretchen Zimmerman
Board of Trustees Van Duzer Scholarship Fund Ms. Wendy V. Blackman Duffus
Cathedral Chapter The Very Rev. René John
Clergy Community Committee The Rev. Richard M. C. Morley
Commission on Church Architecture The Rev. Bruce Montgomery
Commission on Ministry The Rev. Canon John C. Belmont
Commission on Ministry with Disabled Mrs. Donna Devlin, Chair
Committee on Ministry for Older Adults The Rev. Jane Brady
The Rev. Jayne Oasin
Committee on the Church Pension Fund The Rev. Phillip W. Stowell
Committee on Classification of Congregations The Rev. John V. Zamboni
Committee on Credentials of Lay Deputies The Rev. Charles D. Sasso-Crandall
Committee on Deceased Members The Rev. Canon Ronald G. Albury
Committee on Life Long Christian Formation The Rev. Gregory Bezilla
Ms. Susan Legnani
Commission on Ministry The Rev. John C. Belmont
Committee on Resolutions The Rev. Terry Martin
Committee on Rules of Order Mr. Paul Ambos, Esq.
Committee on the Diaconate The Rev. Lynn Johnson, Dcn, Co-Chair
The Venerable Victoria Cuff, Dcn, Co-Chair
Committee on the Priesthood Canon Constance White, Co-Chair
The Rev. Canon John C. Belmont, Co-Chair
Committee on Validation of the Minutes The Rev. Robert H. Legnani
Companion Diocese Committee Mr. Paul Murphy
The Rev. Canon Pedro S. Guzman

Congregational Development Committee The Rev. Marshall Shelly
Corp. for the Relief of Widows, Widowers & Children Canon Constance White
Deacons Council The Rev. Rosemarie Broderick, Dcn.
Diocesan Council The Rt. Rev. William Stokes, ex officio
Diocesan Investment Trust The Rt. Rev. William Stokes, President
Mr. Christopher McCrudden

Ecumenical Commission The Rev. Richard W. Townley, Jr.
Emergency Response Team The Rev. Carmen Viola, Dcn.
Environmental Commission The Rev. Joseph R. Parrish
Episcopal Church Women Ms. Eugenia Wilson, President
'Fair Share' Task Force The Rev. Paul A. Van Sant, Sr.
Finance and Budget Committee Mr. James Bathurst
Finance Task Force Ms. Lynne M. Davis
Girls Friendly Society Ms. Jill Brzezynski
Hispanic Commission The Rev. Canon Dr. Francisco Pozo
Hunger Task Force The Rev. Paul A. Van Sant, Sr.
Insurance Committee The Rev. Philip Stowell
Intake Officer The Rev. Richard C. Wrede
Investment Advisory Committee Ms. Kathy Lowry
Jane O. P. Turner Fund The Rev. Dr. Virginia M. Sheay
Loan and Grant Committee The Rev. Dr. Francis A. Hubbard
Migrant Ministry The Rev. Canon Pedro S. Guzman
Millennium Development Goals Task Force The Rev. Lisa Caton
New Jersey Ministry to the Imprisoned The Rev. Johnine V. Byrer, Dcn.
Nominating Committee The Rev. Richard C. Wrede
Planned Giving The Rev. Margaret (Peggy) Hodgkins
Mr. Charles Watson
Recovery Ministries The Rev. Cathy Brunson, Dcn
The Rev. Mary Ann Jensen, Dcn.

Right Onward Visioning Committee The Rev. Philip B. Carr-Jones
Standing Committee The Rev. Sunil Chandy
Standing Commission: Clerical Compensation The Rev. Valerie Balling, Chair
The Rev. Dr Kenneth Gorman, Vice Chair

Standing Committee: Constitution and Canons The Rev. Dr. John Mitchell.
Stewardship Commission Canon Chuck Perfater
The Sudan Committee The Rev. Dr. Hugh Brown
Trustees of Diocesan Trust Funds The Rt. Rev. William Stokes
Union of Black Episcopalians (UBE) The Rev. Canon Dr. Noel Amadi (609) 895-1210
Urban Ministry Ms. Annette Buchanan
William Alexander Procter Foundation The Rt. Rev. William Stokes, President
The Rev. Phillip Stowell, Vice President

Women's Commission The Rev. Nancy Hite Speck
Last updated: 22 February 2013
©The Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey